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Gear Review: Garmin Fenix 7X Solar

By Whiskey Mike

The Garmin Fenix 7X Solar has genuinely stood out in pursuing the perfect wearable. After a year of use, this device has far exceeded my expectations, becoming a true fitness partner that has redefined my active lifestyle.

Upon first glance, I was impressed by the stylish titanium design and easy-to-use interface of the Fenix 7X Solar. Thanks to its precise, high-resolution screen and quick touch response, I use it daily, whether tracking a long-distance run or simply going about my daily routine.

One of the most impressive features of the Fenix 7X Solar is its exceptional fitness tracking capabilities. You can use it as a full-fledged fitness coach instead of just a step counter. Its built-in GPS records activities precisely, providing valuable information on routes, pace, elevation, and heart rate to optimize training routines.

With its innovative use of solar power, the Fenix 7X Solar is all about syncing with eco-trends and maintaining the functionality of an outdoor watch. While I've seen only slight battery improvement under sunlight, it eases recharging concerns during activities. However, I would purchase it for something other than solar power, as the impact is less impressive.

The seamless integration of advanced technology and practicality has turned it into a vital companion, assisting me in tracking my progress and seamlessly incorporating fitness into my daily routine. It observes my sleep patterns during regular fitness regimens, highlighting the distinct impact of alcohol on sleep recovery both in healthy periods and after consumption.

Over the past year, my journey with the Fenix 7X Solar has transformed me into an unwavering advocate. Our connection grew so strong that when I lost my device during a summer swim, I swiftly decided to replace it. This wasn't just about acquiring a new gadget but about reuniting with a fitness companion that seamlessly fit into my daily life, motivating me and shaping my active routine. The Fenix 7X Solar effortlessly integrated into my activities, offering motivation, insightful data, and guidance throughout my fitness journey. This swift replacement wasn't just practical—it symbolized the continuation of a relationship that had profoundly impacted my approach to fitness. As I embrace this new chapter with my replacement Fenix 7X Solar, I'm reminded of its meaningful role as more than a timepiece—a symbol of dedication and the unwavering pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Whiskey Mike is a Special Ops Veteran, Skydiver, and tech enthusiast. He is the host of The Violent Professional Podcast and is a voice actor on the improvised comedy Science-Fiction podcast Mega-Cosmic Adventure on Spotify, iTunes, and many other listening platforms.


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